The Desire of an Indian Cricket Fan – Cricket in India

The most popular sport of India is undoubtedly cricket; call it religion, love or life. The people of India are very passionate about the Gentleman’s game. Cricket is to India what football is to Brazil. Every lane, by-lane (gully cricket a unique invention) and ground in India is filled with cricket lovers and followers. Every little boy dreams of being a Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Dravid, Kapil or Kumble and playing for the Indian team and rightly so as cricketers are no ordinary beings in India, they are Gods. They represent the dream of India.

Cricket runs through the veins of Indians and I also have not been spared by “Cricketaria”. They refer to cricket as just  ufabetแทงบอล a game, well for an Indian cricket fan that game is a little more important than life. Every Indian fan prays for an Indian victory, whether it is a test match or a one day international. The passion, the love for cricket is second to none and it is baffling and very disappointing to fans and fanatics that unlike the Brazilian Football team the Indian cricket team does not dominate world cricket.

The love and commitment to the game is the same. Both play with all their heart and are never short of fan support. The sport is played everywhere, but the dominance of Brazil is often undisputed. There is no shortage of great players as well. For a Ronaldo, we have a Tendulkar. Arguably India has one of the best players in the world playing for them and this has been so even in the past. None have attained the glory of Bradman’s Invincibles, or the West Indian teams.