Is Hoodia Really a Miracle Weight Loss Pill?

The real truth is that although Hoodia does control appetite like nothing I have ever seen in the natural supplement arena, we must remember we all eat for reasons other than hunger. There is a lot of eating going on that is based on things like depression and emotion. These two items can kill a diet as quick as anything. Than there is my personal demon, boredom. I catch myself wanting to eat out of sheer boredom more than any other reason.

Depression is used very often as an excuse for over-eating, well that is no reason to punish your Leanbean female weight loss self even more. Do you think that next week when you look at a set of scales that have moved to the right by 5 pounds you will feel any better? No, I don’t believe you will either.

Emotional eating. Oh yea, this one is usually found close behind a break-up with a loved one. All I can say here is that by gaining a few pounds, I’m sure you are really going to show them. Huh!

Boredom. Can you think of a more stupid reason to eat? Please if you can, let me know. I admit this as being utterly stupid, even after I have admitted that this is my main downfall. Each time I catch myself about to eat because of boredom, it makes me sick! I hate the fact that I would stoop to using food as a form of entertainment Actually I do feel much better now that I have exposed this weakness to the