Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility Training for Women

With the possibility of menopause either upon you or looming in the near distance, learning to navigate the physical changes during and after your forties can be a tough one. There are many contributors to the challenges of women in their middle ages. They can be any combination of the common every day stressors, the aging effects, menopausal symptoms, hot flushes, joint pain, anxiety, sleeping problems, depression, etc. As hard and undesirable an activity you may think it is, regular exercise and fitness routine can have tremendous benefits for health. Having a workout plan in your daily schedule can assist with reducing the chances of heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. It can also be a huge benefactor of increased energy levels, weight loss, happier disposition, the list goes on and on.

Basic tips on exercise and fitness for women over 40


Aerobic exercise, strength training, and flexibility must be included in a complete exercise and fitness program to increase fitness. Dancing, walking, and jogging are good exercises for aerobic fitness activity and cardiovascular health. These generally use the larger muscle groups which burn calories and provide aid to heart health. This type of exercise can assist in burning excess fat and give a slim and firm figure.

Strength Training:

Using body weight or wight lifting exercises is paramount to improve strength. Toning your muscles has a huge effect on weight loss and fat burning. You’ll want to start light if you are a basic beginner. You can do this with body weight or small dumbbells. Then, as you get stronger you can gradually Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Transformation Photos add more weights and more reps. If you are worried about bulking up, DON’T. Bulking is not a common result of light and body weight strength training. This is something body builders must work many, many hours in a very strategic way to achieve. So, go ahead, use the weights, the benefits are all good!

Flexibility Training:

As women get older they may notice their flexibility decreasing. I am always advising my clients that gaining flexibility is something to be done consistently and gradually. There are no competitions here, only the one with your own goal and achievement. Be gentle when you stretch, no bouncing, no hard static motions, just soft, gentle breathing… breath and hold. The trick is to be consistent and do a little bit every day. Stretching reduces injury risk and soreness of muscles, as well as increased range of motion of the joints, enhanced muscle coordination, and circulation of the blood.